Experiences and paths


Experiences and paths

The number of bike routes that can be taken in the world is unquantifiable and in Apulia there are so many things to enjoy that, between landscapes, history, and gastronomy, without a precise knowledge of the territory there is a risk of missing out on what is often far from mass tourism.

Clearly, being familiar with the area involves understanding the difficulties it poses in terms of elevation and safety, and that's why I can assist you in planning customized routes based on your requirements.

Apulia is a land of poets and singers, where words become music and silence narrates millenary stories.
(Michele Emmer, poet and mathematician)
Prodotti Tipici del Sud

The paths

For its shape and its geographical location, Puglia enhances cultural nuances that manifest through architecture, languages, and many other details that belong to the everyday life of its inhabitants. The itineraries I suggest include:

  • Scenic routes: for breathtaking views that photos will never do justice to the sensation experienced in person.
  • Wine and gastronomy tours: among wines and vineyards, the scents of local cuisine will be the main motivation to reach the next break.
  • Inclusiveness: Depending on the chosen period, it is possible to participate in various events and be part of the community, not just simple tourists or guests.
  • Opportunities to explore and challenge oneself on trails with prohibitive or technical slopes to test one's downhill or uphill skills.

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